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A Halloween market.

What Is A Halloween Market?

What Is A Halloween Market, Then?

A Halloween Market, sometimes called a Goblin Market, a Spooky Scavenge, or any number of other terms to indicate an exotic shopping/socializing/lifestyle experience, is a marketplace made up primarily of independent creators, small businesses, and other eccentrically wonderful vendors.

Catskills Halloween 2024 Costume Contest

You don’t have to be celebrating Halloween in the beautiful Sullivan Catskills to enjoy wearing costumes, but we can at least try to make your visit to our unique corner of the Halloweenverse a memorable one, and that includes a great costume contest!

DJ Ozno – The Time-Traveling DJ on his Fusion World Tour!

During his time writing the graphic novel and organizing the event, Alfonso realized he needed to bring his character to life. But he also realized the time-traveling person needed to do something if he was stranded in the 20th century in order to live and sustain himself. Thus, DJ OZNO was born!

In reality, Alfonso Todd was a professional dancer in Miami, FL on South Beach for over 3 years and he eventually gravitated towards the art of DJing. Yet, he wasn’t enthralled with the “scratching and cutting”, he was more interested in the blends, and mixes. In fact, his goal was to always bring the VIBE to the crowds.

Here was have several goblins bobbing for apples. And they're welcome to it.

Absolutely No Bobbing For Apples

We’re honestly not sure where to get a barrel. We can find apples, but seriously…do you really want to be trying to stick your head in a barrel in the hope of stealing an apple?

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