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Welcome to the Catskills Halloween Vendor & Oddities Market 2024! (That’s October 18-20, 2024, at the Blackthorne Resort of East Durham, New York!)

Check out: 2024 Catskills Halloween Event VENDORS, PERFORMERS, SHOWS, FEATURES, AND ATTRACTIONS (last updated July 25)

Halloween Quote of the Moment, July 25:
“Drink deeply from the cup of fear.
-Peter Lorre

Our massive Halloween Market / Steampunk Festival / Oddities Expo is a vast rumbustification of all manner of strange, unusual, peculiar, eccentric, spooky, magical, magickal, unorthodox, unexpected, pleasant, wondrous, inspired, creative, splendid wares, proffered by small businesses, artists, creators, and makers of a Halloween, Steampunk, Fantasy, or Otherwise Odd variety.

It’s also the proud home of a number of incredible performances by performers whose Autumnal charms will entrance you. Or just make you dance, whichever. Do check out our features – we pride ourselves on being an extravaganza beyond your wildest Halloween dreams!

Did we mention that you can spend the weekend at the Resort itself? Experience a traditional Catskills Resort during the spookiest time of the year in the gloriously haunted upstate New York. You can! If you’d like to stay at the Resort, the whole weekend is available! (While rooms last.)

Halloween Events, Halloween Markets, Multi-Genre Festivals and Steampunk Events in the lovely New York Catskills!

Halloween Market Vending Application 2024: apply here.

Find the event on Facebook, too.

Blackthorne Resort – 518-634-2541
348 Sunset Drive East Durham, New York

We can’t wait to see you all this coming Halloween season!

While some vendors open early, and some stay late, our general show hours are:

FRIDAY, 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
SATURDAY, 11:00 am. to midnight
SUNDAY, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


(Updated daily.)

7/24 The art of Veneris Artium

7/23 Fey In The Forest Homestead and Crafts

7/22 Such very Beautiful Things.

7/21 Oddities, oddments, creations, and more with Fungyote!

7/20: The oddities of Offbeat Rarities!

7/19: The Blackthorne Resort’s Very Famous Irish Coffee

7/18: Frankie Goes To Dollywood – A bluegrass/rock/sweet sounds Halloween cover band!

7/17: Finding, Sourcing, and Creating Oddities: A Workshop & Discussion

7/15: Film Festival

The Northeast's Largest Halloween Market & Oddities Expo!
The one and only Chris Cyanide

7/14: Piratical Halloween Rum Punch

7/13: The Catskills In Autumn

7/12: More Catskills Oddities

7/11: Chris Cyanide Discusses Making Dark Halloween Music

7/8: The Halloween Cannabis Village

7/7: Travel Resources & Tips For the Catskills This Halloween Season

Cosplay and Halloween with Lady Krystalline

7/6: Cosplay and Halloween, with Lady Krystalline

7/5: The Art and Science of Halloween Steampunk Tea Dueling Returns!

7/4: No updates (Have a spooky Independence Day!)

7/3: Michele’s Lemonade and Spooky Dough
7/2 Christy Mcginty of Ghost Whisperer, Little Women LA and Death to Smoochy
7/1: Tom’s Diggitty Dogs
6/30: Wright Cellars
6/25: Taj Fine Indian Cuisine
6/22: Gray’s Treats and Sweets
6/21: Maccame Studios
6/20: The Return of the Happy Haggs Dance Troupe

6/16: – The VIP Seance comes to Catskills Halloween!
6/15: Vendor ~ Sisters of Selene
6/09: Witches Along The Hudson performance troupe
6/27: DJ Ozno, Time Travelling DJ on his World Tour!
5/25: Vendor Trick or Treating
5/24: Drink and Dine at the Blackthorne’s Phoenix Pub
5/23: The Triumphant Return of the Chris Cyanide Solo Bass Project
5/22: Photos With The Giant Steampunk Robot

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The 7 Worst Places To Buy Oddities (satire)
5 Terrible Ways To Avoid Con Crash
What Is A Halloween Market?

(From our past events, by B. Daniels.)

August 15
September 15
And October 15.


October 19th: Costume parade on Sunday!
ctober 18th: Halloween Party with Krystal! And BearNakid Universal Millworks!
October 17th: Live music by The Dust Bowl Faeries!
October 16th: Horror Trivia with Kim!
October 15th: Live music by Sludge, plus Home Grown Creations and Galaxy Slug!
October 14th: VIP ABSINTHE TASTING! And vending by Oddly Enough!
October 13th: The Do Right Bros
October 12th: Last few Blackthorne Resort rooms available at 518-634-2541!
October 11th: Monstrously Good Teas
October 10th: DJ Ozno, The Original Time Travelling DJ!
Otober 9th: Mike & The Monsters rock the Blackthorne bar!
October 7th: Magick with Lady D!
October 4th: The deliciousness of At First Bite!
October 1st: The dynamic musical force of Fisher & Keane!
September 23: The Jersey Devil
September 20: Portraits of the Abandoned United States by Steven Bly
September 10: Crazy Chaos
September 4: Gnome Apothecary
September 1: The Chris Cyanide Solo Project
August 27: Movie Mike’s Movies!

We are a weekend-long Halloween Party, a Fan/Alternative Convention, a Steampunk Festival, the Northeast’s largest Alternative Vendor and Oddities Market, and the most fun you can have anywhere!

Don’t forget to check out our Features and Vendors to see what’s new!

It’s never, ever too early to get in on one of the most uniue Halloween Halloween / Steampunk / Geek Vacations in the Universe!

First, Every year, Blackthorne Halloween City brings out an incredible group of like-minded souls, brought to you by Jeff Mach and Jeff Mach Events. Don’t miss the Steampunk Convention / Halloween vacation of the year! Second, stay up to date… Find us on Facebook at
Finally, you can do this YOUR way. Some come to stay the weekend, some just to visit. Want to browse or buy or sell marvelous and unusual things Want to get to know some of the most incredible Autumn People you’ve ever met, including hundreds of creators and curators of the world’s most wondrous weirdness? You’ve come to the right misfit market! What are you waiting for?

If you have questions please feel free to contact us!

(Photo by John Christou)

The Halloween City Market is located in the beautiful Catskills of New York, and we’re here to fulfill all of your Spooky Market / Steampunk Halloween / Halloween Decoration / Halloween Magic dreams!


and on a general nerd/scifi/steampunk/Halloween Market note:

We’d love to see you at our Halloween Market and Event, and we also curate a list of Halloween Markets all over the United States and Canada (more coming)! Email to add yours.

Feel free to email Jeff with your questions!

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