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Good Juju Rings ‘N Things

 Juju cartwheels between these pages like dust in a sandstorm..”― Nnedi Okorafor, Akata Warrior Good Juju Rings and things   Rings, Crystals ,Jewelry, light up orbs  creepy dolls  Skulls, protection brooms witches bells ,crescent moons and much more ! 

Funky Sharky Designs

As everything (or almost) is unique and one of a kind, sometimes the selections on here are probably smaller than what you may have seen in a physical store or an event:). I have a hard time maintaining and rotating things and updating when things sell, but I am working on this! :p

Halloween Cannabis Village

The Halloween Cannabis Village

The Village often features as many as 8-12 individual vendors; we keep the number low to make sure you get unique, high-quality, friendly, artisanal dealers of cannabis flower, pens, gummies, candies, beverages, and other sundries.

Catskills covered mountain.

Travel Resources for the Catskills and Blackthorne Resort this Halloween Season

If you’re planning a stay in the Catskills near the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY, you’re in for a treat. The area is rich with resources and activities that cater to a variety of interests, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your visit.

Cosplay and Halloween: A Panel with Lady Krystalline

Cosplay and Halloween share a vibrant tapestry of creativity, self-expression, and a hauntingly magical spirit. While these two cultural phenomena originate from different traditions and contexts, their convergence highlights the universal human desire for transformation, playfulness, and connection. Not to mention the desire to acquire candy when possible.

The ancient art of Tea Dueling.

Steampunk Halloween Tea Dueling With The Lord of Misrule

Tea dueling, my dear friend, is not merely a sport but a genteel art form, steeped in tradition and drenched in the finest of brews. Picture this: a gathering of dapper individuals, adorned in top hats and corsets, at the Steampunk World’s Fair or a grand Halloween ball, all primed for a contest of wit and nerves over a cup of the finest Earl Grey or Darjeeling. It’s as British as a rainy day in London, with a dash of steam-powered flair.

Allow us to transport you to a genteel world, where you and yours have the opportunity to do honorable battle. This year, the Lord of Misrule brings you years of tea-dueling expertise as we gather around to dunk pastries, dossip, wear our finest finery and/or our favorite Halloween costumes and/or our Steampunk garb and/or pretty much whatever you want, because we’d like you to have a good time.

Meet your fellow guests! Take part in a Steampunk tradition! Get your Halloween weekend started the right way!

Now, imagine the scene: a polished wooden table adorned with lace doilies and an assortment of antique teacups, each brimming with the golden elixir. A hush falls over the crowd as competitors take their places, their monocles glinting in anticipation. The rules? Oh, they’re as intricate as a clockwork mechanism. Each duelist selects their weapon—the biscuit, that sacred dunking device—and plunges it into their tea for precisely five seconds. The goal? To daintily lift the biscuit to the lips without it crumbling into the tea, all while maintaining an air of unflappable composure.

Christy McGinty

Christy McGinity (Ghost Whisperer. Death to Smoochy, Little Women LA) will be one of our celebrity judges and handing out the award certificate with photo opportunity! We’re thrilled to announce that **Artody’s Film Festival** is now embracing the diverse tapestry… Read More »Christy McGinty

Blueberry bread.

Wright Cellars

Hello! I am Valerie Kidd Wright and I am the Sole Proprietor of Wright Cellars. I live with my husband, Keith, and 3 children in the beautiful country landscape of Upstate New York. Here, we own 30 acres where we grow and harvest our own crops from our gardens and our small, but growing orchards. All our foods are grown chemical free for I believe it is how you get true clean eating accomplished. Watching my great grandmother grow such amazing gardens in south Alabama that were also able to be harvested, not just pretty, inspired me to have somewhere one day to do the same thing for my family and me. Although all my gardens are very young, it won’t be long before I’m walking through blueberry patches that are as tall as I am.
I have always been interested in home processing. As far back as I can remember, home canning has been a part of my life. It was just natural for it to be a hobby of mine, too. So much so that when I married Keith in 2017, part of the wedding favors were homemade strawberry jam! It has been wonderful to have my husband join me with processing and canning since his retirement from the military. And I must say, it’s nice having him here to be able to help, too.
An injury in 2020 spawned this endeavor for my husband and me. I never thought that my hobby could be more than a personal past time. It has not only helped me work through a difficult time in my life, it has flourished as an all natural, yet processed and safe food resource for my family, friends, and community.
Wright Cellars’ began as a root cellar and is planning to expand into storing wine in the future. We chose to be a Cellar because before the days of electricity and refrigeration, cellars were how people kept their foods from spoiling. Vinegar, salt, and natural pectin were the ingredients used in keeping foods for long periods. Thankfully, we have technologies that help keep us from getting sick nowadays, but I love keeping the dying tradition of storing your own grown foods alive. And my customers agree!
It is not just nostalgia, home processed foods really do taste better and are healthier, too. All of our food products are made with the best ingredients I have either grown myself or a fellow local has grown, chemical free, of course. Even though there are many farms around, we take the upmost importance on working with likeminded farms that share in the same values that we do.
Wright Cellars’ co-op initiative has excelled to where I am able to offer my products to wider ranges. And since this is an endeavor based on current harvests, We do run out of products that unfortunately will not be available until the next harvest season. We also offer custom gift baskets to help customers make the most of their purchases. We do offer products that are made with ingredients from my hometown of Plant City, Florida. Items like our Plant City Strawberry Jam and our Honeybell Orange Marmelade. I can assure you that the produce purchased came from a chemical free farm. It is my hometown after all, I know where the good stuff is!
Thank you for your time in getting to know me and our mission here at Wright Cellars.
I hope you all enjoy the goods we have to offer!! Be healthy, happy, and well!!

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