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With Glitter On Top

Hi there! My name is Kristie and I love all things spooky and creepy and bright and colorful. I consider myself a pastel goth in training.

I have a deep love and admiration for crystals and minerals. I also have so much love and respect for the people that bring them to us.

I sell crystals and crystal accessories but my specialty and what I’m proud to be known for is my lucky crystal scoops.

When you come to my booth you will find that you will be able to pick out one larger item to go with your random scoop of my witches brew out of my special crystal cauldron.

Much like we did as children after trick or treating with our candy, you will be able to pour your specially bagged crystals out on the table and see all the beautiful pieces that were chosen for you randomly by the universe.( I do the scoop in front of you but it’s up to you if you want to look then or when you get you bag home. Just let me know!) 
My special brew will contain tumbled crystal, raw crystal, and lots of spooky things like skulls and coffins…and so much more.

Be sure to visit me to see the magic of crystals and enjoy a fabulous scoop or two. I never send anyone away unhappy and that’s a promise!


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