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Kolfrostin's Little Horrors

Welcome to Kolfrostin’s Little Horrors

First off let me start out about telling you a little bit about my shop.

I am just a…bro.. – the toy maker would tap the broken doll on the head-  broken doll named Kolfy who makes beautiful things. I love things spooky and occult based the most, but I also love me some anime based things as well. These are the two themes my shop consists of the most.

The items my shop creates mostly consists of Bags, Tumblers, and Blankets.  Sometimes I will do other misc things when I am asked or feel adventourous. My shop also does custom orders.

All Items in my shop are handcrafted and made with love and dedication by a single broken doll. Everything is stitched on an Industrial Sewing machine and made with quality materials.


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