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GRUeSOMe The Musical

GRUeSOMe – The Musical  

GRUeSOMe is totally brand new. A world Premiere for Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

GRUeSOMe is the dark fascinating tale of the infamous reign of terror perpetrated by the first recognised serial killer, initially dubbed ‘Leather Apron’ most know him by a far more foreboding title – Jack the Ripper.

Predominantly taking place in the Autumn of 1888, in the Whitechapel district of Queen Victoria’s London. This is not as you may expect a gore festival, it is intrinsically a more a nuanced immersive slice of history, focusing on the day to day lives of the victims, residents, Police, all wrapped up in the rational of the era. More thought provoking, as in Hitchcock rather than Wes Craven.

With a cast passionately embracing the opportunity, brimming with ideas for their characters back-stories. they have inspired the writer to pen additional dialogue to accommodate the expertise they’re bringing.

The show is written, directed, and produced by Stoke-on-Trent singer-songwriter Alan Bruce, a musician, writer, regular newspaper Theatre review writer. 

Alan recently told the cast at rehearsal, that they are very much a part of the creative process. No-one has ever played these roles before The roles they are portraying are akin to their being the very first Frankenfurter, Elphaba Thropp or Danny Zucko.

Our Steampunk costumes are absolutely outstanding, the attention to detail is staggering. Brand new Choreography courtesy of Gareth Ridge, pure creativity. The GRUeSOMe band adding to the visuals with a sonic sound sphere worthy of the West End, under the baton of MD Tim Sagar.

So don’t delay, don your best Victorian Steampunk regalia, join us at Stoke Repertory Theatre, Staffordshire, UK, from 24th to 28th October to enjoy and celebrate the World Premiere of this amazing new production.

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