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Mike & The Monsters Return


Mike and the Monsters are ready to rock your Halloween night with spooky and spectacular song covers! From modern hits to classic anthems, they will bring the spirit of the season to life with their energy, professionalism, style and true rock and roll passion! The Monsters’ musical repertoire is full of frightful and delightful tunes that will make you dance, scream and party all night long! They are an extremely INTERACTIVE band!!! They want you to join them in their haunted show!!! So, don’t be scared! Cause they’re gonna have you singing along, dancing like a zombie, playing a little air guitar and having a few drinks with their audience, whether it be a Halloween bash, a costume contest, or just because it’s a full moon…somewhere!!! A live experience with “Mike and the Monsters” is like being part of the band!!

All Monster members are seasoned Capital District and regional music pros, coming together with one goal ” to deliver the goods“ with a wicked live show and to keep people coming back for more! Deep musicianship, multi-vocals along with the awesome selling point and secret weapon in lead vocalist Michaele Ann Flynn, build a solid foundation for a Monster house of good times and great music!!!”

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