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Dmitry Wild (Carnival in a Bowler Hat)

From a different time perhaps, a little garage, a little psychedelic, a little carnival, gipsy and folky tales with a reverberated guitar and whole lotta showmanship.

“Channeling Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Lee Hazlewood, the NYC-based artist is honing his skills as a sonic and visual storyteller with this track.”

“Upbeat, positive, and catchy. With memorable riffs and a notable feel-good vibe… Wild delivers his vocals with casually defiant flair, surrounded by rolling waves of shining guitar riffs, a slinky bass line groove, kicky drum hits, and crashing cymbals. The ambience is exciting, yet laid-back at the same time and captures true rock ‘n’ roll spirit” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“Wild flourishes here with a swaggering style, the buoyant track having a night-on-the-town ripping sound.” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

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