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Christy McGinty

Christy McGinity (Ghost Whisperer. Death to Smoochy, Little Women LA) will be one of our celebrity judges and handing out the award certificate with photo opportunity! We’re thrilled to announce that **Artody’s Film Festival** is now embracing the diverse tapestry… Read More »Christy McGinty


Cryptids of the Catskills: A Panel Discussion

The Catskills, a region steeped in mystery and folklore, is home to a variety of cryptids that have captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most intriguing cryptids associated with the Catskills:

Champ: While not exclusive to the Catskills, Champ is a legendary lake monster said to inhabit Lake Champlain, which borders the Catskills. This creature is often compared to the Loch Ness Monster and has been a subject of fascination and speculation for many years1.

Bigfoot: Known as Sasquatch in other regions, Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the dense forests of the Catskills. This elusive creature is described as a large, ape-like being and remains one of the most famous cryptids in North America1.

The White Lady: A ghostly apparition said to haunt the area, the White Lady legend tells of a woman who lost her daughter and continues to search for her along the shores of Lake Ontario. While not directly tied to the Catskills, similar tales are common in the region’s ghost stories1.

Georgie: Another lake monster rumored to exist in Upstate New York, Georgie is said to dwell in Lake George. Although it has been admitted as a hoax, it adds to the rich tapestry of cryptid lore in the area1.

These cryptids are part of a larger collection of myths and legends that contribute to the enigmatic allure of the Catskills. Whether they are real or simply figments of imagination, they continue to inspire curiosity and wonder among those who hear their tales.

The Magic of Mr. Mysterrio and Miss Direction

Mark Mysterrio is a World Record Holder & Magician Who Has Entertained Audiences For Over Three And A Half Decades.  Taylor, AKA Miss Direction, Has Been Working With Mark Since 2015. Together they make a great team. This Simply Means That Their Expert Experience Will Make Your Next Party Unforgettable and Fun. The Mr. Mysterrio Magic Show Will Leave Your Guests With Memories That Will Last A Lifetime.

DJ Ozno – The Time-Traveling DJ on his Fusion World Tour!

During his time writing the graphic novel and organizing the event, Alfonso realized he needed to bring his character to life. But he also realized the time-traveling person needed to do something if he was stranded in the 20th century in order to live and sustain himself. Thus, DJ OZNO was born!

In reality, Alfonso Todd was a professional dancer in Miami, FL on South Beach for over 3 years and he eventually gravitated towards the art of DJing. Yet, he wasn’t enthralled with the “scratching and cutting”, he was more interested in the blends, and mixes. In fact, his goal was to always bring the VIBE to the crowds.

The Triumphant Return of Chris Cyanide

This project has performed everything from large festivals, conventions, sharing the stage with many national acts to smaller clubs and even house parties. Chris Cyanide has proven to both fit in with any act and yet be completely unique.

The Dust Bowl Faeries

Dust Bowl Faeries (duet), accordion-driven macabre songs with musical saw, acoustic guitar & taxidermy spirit animal Hazel the Ram. Join the Faeries for a surreal set of macabre circus songs in the Blackthorne Pub, 7-8pm, Friday October 21st.

Sludge rocks the Blackthorne

Sludge is everyone’s favorite 518 classic 90s and 2000s cover band, rocking the Blackthorne Pub stage with spooky covers and awesome sounds. Don’t miss them! And remember…tip your bartender.

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