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LARP Monster Tournament

Every Autumn Festival, various Factions find ways to compete for prestige and honor amongst their fellow monsters. The Merchant of Many Things has been selected as the site and arbiters of this year’s competition!

For a $1 fee, an individual may join one of the factions and compete for honor, glory, and a prize. (limit of one prize per person) The five Factions competing this year are:

The Disco Demons

The Vampire Choir

The Lyrical Lycanthropes

The Warbling Witches

The Falsetto Frankensteins

Rules of Combat:

  1. All participants must have a weapon (owned or borrowed from The Merchant of Many Things) and be welcomed into the arena before engaging in combat.
  1. Only hit lightly enough for your opponent to feel it.
  1. Do not aim for the head or groin.
  1. If you hear “HOLD”, stop fighting and step away from your opponent.
  1. Arms, legs, and torso shots all count as “hits.” If you are hit three times, please safely exit the arena and go to the back of the line if you want to go again. If borrowed, you may exchange your weapon for a different one.

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