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Even More Splendid Catskills Oddities

1)     Catskill oddities Game farm

The Catskill game farm is located on sight of the cornered forests of Greene County, just a few miles away from the Kaaterskill Falls and the Hudson River on catskill oddities, New York. This unique zoo was originally owned as a private state and was opened for 73 years, after which it closed in 2006.

This zoo in catskill oddities was originally founded by a known and well-reputed banker from New York named Roland Lindeman, who had a deep interest and love for zoology and wildlife. Although the farm started small, it gradually began to develop with new breeding, different species of animals, and much more. Currently, this Catskill oddities farm/ zoo is a popular destination, with up to 200,00 people visiting every year.

2)     Manitoga

The unique and breathtaking sight of Manitoga was originally the estate of a reputable industrial designer named Russel Wright and his wife, Mary Small Einstein Wright. This beautifully sculptured property is located at the New York State Route on the south of Garrison, New York. Before 2006, the property was listed as one of the registers of historical places but back in 2006.

It was officially included in the titles of National Historic landmark. The total area of Manitoga property in new York oddities is 75 acres or 30 Ha. This 75-acre plot of beauty consists of a man’s home and a studio designed by the owner, Wright, and collaborator, David Leavitt. The interior and overall look of this one-of-a-kind property in Catskill oddities is elegant due to its expansive landscape, including quarry pools, bright gardens, and winding paths.

3)     Dia Beacon

The Dia beacon museum is located on the banks of Hudson River, New York oddities which is a well-known and profound exhibition for the Dia art collection. The museum initially started its work back in 2003 when it first opened and introduced art collections. Due to the high demand and value of contemporary and modern art, the Dia beacon museum in Catskill oddities is one of the largest in the country, with 15,000 meters squared.

Back in the construction days, Dia came up with a plan by collaborating with architects and artists like Robert Irwin for the museum building and the exterior settings. In today’s world, The dia beacon museum is home to many tourists who come to this Catskills oddities to experience the collection and artworks. Besides having extraordinary arts and crafts sites, there is also a café and a bookshop where visitors can come in and spend their time.

4)     Stormville airport antique and flea market

If you are interested in antique pieces, then the stormville flea market is just the place that is included in the Catskills oddities. The stormville market is one of the largest flea markets where there was an airport once. In the current times, more than 600 people/ vendors come together and set up their camps here throughout all seasons.

Another reason why this place has been marked as one of the New York oddities because every once in a year, the market itself allows people to come and place their clean used clothes up for sale. In the market, you will be able to find unique and one-of-a-kind antique pieces and vintage clothing.

5)     Diamond Notch falls

The Catskill New York place is a huge area for people to come and explore its wonders and Catskill oddities places and one of them is the diamond notch falls, which is specially designed for individuals keen to hunter kill wilderness. The diamond notch falls is located on the west kill, east of Spruce ton in Greene County, New York.

When it comes to its features, the total height comes to 15 feet with an elevation of 2,240 feet. One of the prime reasons this trail is regarded as a strange and unique one in New York is that it begins at Spruce ton road and travels to the south through diamond Notch while intersecting with the devil’s path. Overall though, the diamond notch falls is mainly used for people who love to go on hikes, nature trips, and bird watching.

6)     Balsam lake mountain fire Tower

The Balsam lake mountain fire tower is the next place that can be included in the list of Catskill oddities, mainly due to its unique structure and foundation. This lake is located in Harden burgh, New York, and was established hundreds of years ago to allow people to keep an eye on forest fires. The views that one experiences after reaching 50 feet above pines are regarded as breathtaking.

The total area of this fire tower is around 10.9 acres or 4.4 ha. Although the tower was planned to be demolished in the late 90s after being closed, it was decided to keep it after hikers and residents demanded. When being on the top of the tower, you can experience a full panorama of mountains and forests which extend to a great distance. In today’s world, individuals are not allowed to camp unless it’s winter, and those who wish to stay the night on a mountain can do so by being on the south below the spring at around 3300 feet.

7)     Gnome Chomsky

If you are looking to amuse yourself, then a visit to Kerhonksons by taking a drive to road 209, where you will be with the world’s largest Gnome. This tourist and local site is popular and unique as it puts smiles on the people’s faces driving by on that particular road.

This giant gnome has been marked as the Catskills oddities ever since 2006 due to its surprising height of 13.5 feet. This sculpture was created by a New York-based artist named Maria Reidelbach, who wanted to create something enormous yet lively. Many residents of Catskills regard this statue as a hidden gem as it is located near the Kelder’s farm.

8)     Paper town

Coming to this hidden gem, it is rather peculiar and unique in its way due to its rich background and history. This place is located in a nearby town called Roscoe, New York, which only consists of 500 people. This is considered one of Catskills oddities and overall New York oddities because these are fake entries of the map. Back in the day, cartographers had to make entries on the map with fake town locations like the paper town so that if it was founded in another map, they would know that they did not make it and that it was copied.

You can find this location in Catskills oddities by heading towards the CR 7 road towards Rock-land, after which you pass the Beaver-kill road, and from there, you will be met with a small sign on the left-hand side of the road. From there, you will be able to navigate and reach the paper town without blinking.

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