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About The Halloween Market

Welcome to the most unique, vast, joyfully eccentric, spectacularly spooky, marvelously amazing Halloween Market in the entire world!

When you’re a kid, you think Halloween is about dressing up in a costume and eating lots of candy. When you’re an adult, you realize Halloween is about DRESSING UP AS YOUR REAL SELF… and also eating lots of candy.

“Halloween is every day” is a way of life for some of us. Sometimes that “Halloween” takes the form of Goth or Steampunk or Fandom or Renaissance Faires. Sometimes it’s just something you have inside you, something you don’t let everybody see. But there’s one thing every Halloween event should know. Namely: that part of you deserves to be nourished, encouraged, and frankly DELIGHTED.


You might’ve had the joy of experiencing a Halloween Flea Market. You might be one of those people who plans ahead and buys out your local Spirit Halloween on November 1st. But we have a special pride in our incredible Halloween goodies. You’ve NEVER seen anything like our array of incredible and unusual wares!

We created The Halloween City Vendor & Oddities Market for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, it’s an incredibly difficult time for independent creators, artisans, artists, makers, and curators. Likewise, it’s been rough for even the most enthralling vendors of the strange, the different, the handmade, the unique, and the unusual. And for another thing…it’s also hard on those of us who love all of those things. Especially when we really want an opportunity to support the independent vendors who work hard to offer us creations and curations.

Therefore, we’re incredibly honored to have some of the most amazing exhibitors with us. And we’re full of darkling pride to have you come and be a part of it!

We’re proud to be part of a weekend-long Halloween in the Catskills.

(We are an independent part of the Catskills Halloween City! We’re here to take you out of that mundane world of the everyday and into the delights of our weekend-long celebration of Halloween and all those who love it! We’re not just any craft/oddities/magical market! Come take in the beautiful Halloween City and stroll the grounds, then head right on back and shop ’til it feels like Halloween will never end!)

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