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Setup Info for Confirmed Vendors

All setups will be on the Big Lawn across from the Lodge, right up from the small amphitheater, and across from the Giant Robot! Setup hours are Thursday evening, then 10 a.m. on Friday. The show starts at 3 p.m. Friday, although most people show up starting at four.

Booth Spaces

What we have are carefully-selected, highly central vendor spots, two main ones, with a few connecting areas (such as in front of the haunted house). Each one has traffic coming from multiple directions – the parking lot, the residences, the campsites, the lodge, etc.

There will be some supervision; but there are no ‘bad’ spots. The Lodge spots begin at the Tent, the most central region, and extend out. The Barn area extends out from the Barn/Tiki area. The Lodge is our traditional vending spot; the Barn is farther afield, but since many vendors feel the parking will be a major draw, it’s been made available by request.

Will there be staff around during set-up?


What kind of security is there at night?

Medium. There are some patrols by myself, staff, and some by the other vendors. There isn’t a physical fence/perimeter, but many vendors stay up late and/or sleep in their tents.

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