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More Catskills Oddities

The Catskills region is known for its enchanting natural beauty and a variety of quirky and unusual attractions. Here are some highlights that might pique your interest:/im

From the Basement Bistro, America’s most expensive restaurant, which has a 5 year waiting list. And that’s not the oddest oddity you’ll encounter!

For those who love the offbeat and peculiar, the Catskills offer a treasure trove of hidden gems and secret spots to discover. Whether it’s the world’s largest kaleidoscope or the historic fire towers, there’s always something to surprise and delight2. And if you’re into roadside oddities, you might enjoy “New York’s Own Mount Rushmore” among other unique finds3:

Enjoy your adventure into the odd and wonderful! If you’re looking for a specific type of oddity or have a particular interest in mind, let me know, and I can tailor suggestions for you.

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