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Hello! I am Valerie Kidd Wright and I am the Sole Proprietor of Wright Cellars. I live with my husband, Keith, and 3 children in the beautiful country landscape of Upstate New York. Here, we own 30 acres where we grow and harvest our own crops from our gardens and our small, but growing orchards. All our foods are grown chemical free for I believe it is how you get true clean eating accomplished. Watching my great grandmother grow such amazing gardens in south Alabama that were also able to be harvested, not just pretty, inspired me to have somewhere one day to do the same thing for my family and me. Although all my gardens are very young, it won’t be long before I’m walking through blueberry patches that are as tall as I am.

It is not just nostalgia, home processed foods really do taste better and are healthier, too. All of our food products are made with the best ingredients I have either grown myself or a fellow local has grown, chemical free, of course. Even though there are many farms around, we take the upmost importance on working with likeminded farms that share in the same values that we do.

I hope you all enjoy the goods we have to offer!! Be healthy, happy, and well!!

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