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The Halloween Cannabis Village

“I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints. And then I smoke two more.”

(18+) One of the newer traditions of our show, the Halloween Cannabis Village offers our 18+ guests an opportunity to meet and explore the wares of a number of extraordinary cannabis vendors.

The Village often features as many as 8-12 individual vendors; we keep the number low to make sure you get unique, high-quality, friendly, artisanal dealers of cannabis flower, pens, gummies, candies, beverages, and other sundries.

There may also be a few Halloween specialties and a bit of Trick-or-Treating, too!

There’s so much at the Halloween Market! Have a snack, have a bite to eat, get some green, and enjoy your OCtober with us!

Do stop by! (Do bring your ID, please and thank you!)

“It’s Halloween,
A little green,
To keep the ghouls and goblins clean.”
-Snoop Dogg (noted Halloween authority)

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